Maintaining the Balance with Alaczen

Pro-biotic supplement Alaczen is your best defence against vaginal infections. These problems are caused when the delicate biological balance is disturbed by factors such as stress or the environment or anti-biotics. Alaczen contains four different pro-biotic ingredients that will maintain the delicate balance for optimal vaginal health, boosting your immune system and helping you to prevent problems before they have a chance to begin.

AlaczenThe Benefits Of Alaczen:

1. Maintains a healthy balance.
2. Boosts immune system.
3. 100% natural & effective.
4. Doctors endorsed & clinically proven.
5. Unique, tested formula for vaginal yeast infection.
6. Order now & get rid by yeast infection quickly.

The Prices Of Alaczen:

1 Month Supply Of Alaczen At $47.99
2 Month Supply Of Alaczen At $89.99
4 Month Supply Of Alaczen At $137.99
6 Month Supply Of Alaczen At $189

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What is Alaczen?

The highest strength pro-biotic in existence, Alaczen is the solution to a recurring problem which affects up to 80% of women. There has lately been a lot of coverage in the press about the benefits of taking pro-biotic supplements. They can strengthen the immune system, improve digestion and keep the delicate balance of flora in the body. Alaczen is a powerful formula which uses the highest quality pro-biotics, encapsulated in optimum conditions. It utilizes the powers of four different strains especially chosen for their benefits for feminine health.

How Does Alaczen Work?

Produced in a GMP certified factory, Alaczen contains 48 billion live bacteria. You would need to drink 480 of the pro-biotic yoghurt drinks in order to get the same amount. These four different strains of ‘good’ bacteria are what your body needs to keep the naturally-present yeast from getting out of control and causing you unpleasant recurring problems such as thrush. Alaczen fights these problems twenty four hours a day, with its good bacteria fighting to keep bad bacteria in check.

Alaczen Daily Dosage:

Just one capsule a day. It really couldn’t be easier. Within this one capsule is all the live bacteria you need to maintain g a good, healthy balance.

The Ingredients Of Alaczen:

1. Lactobacillus Acidophilus: this occurs naturally in the body and controls production of yeast. It is often recommended to be taken after a course of anti-biotics to redress the balance of ‘friendly’ bacteria. Also aids digestion and boosts the immune system.

2. Lactobacillus rhamnosus GR-1: maintains healthy vaginal flora and also the health of the urinary tract.

3. Lactobacillus reuteri RC-14: clinically studied for over 20 years and patented in Canada, this improves vaginal health and that of the urinary tract.

4. Lactobacillus plantarum 299v: Prevents the growth of harmful, disease-causing bacteria and reinforces the immune system. Also has a positive effect on digestive system and has been used in the treatments for conditions such as Crohns Disease. It fights the causes of yeast infections at the source, stopping them before they begin. It is also resistant to anti-biotics.

Clinical-studiesNo other product gives you these powerful natural ingredients, in this potent concentration.

Clinical Studies on Alaczen:

There have been over 450 clinical trials performed on this product and its ingredients. To detail everything here would take too long, but in short the findings have shown that the bacteria in Alaczen are highly effective in preventing and correcting thrush and a variety of other related problems. They have also been found to multiply the effects of treatments for these conditions once they have taken hold, speeding up the recovery process.

Where to Buy Alaczen?

Alaczen should only be purchased from its official website. Many copycat products are available but often they do not contain enough of the bacteria to actually have any effect. They may even contain the wrong types of bacteria so could even be harmful. Only Alaczen is made in the optimum environment so as to ensure that the bacteria are kept live and potent, and only Alaczen is formulated especially for optimum feminine health.