Have Eyelashes like Your Idol with Idol Lash

Idol Lash is an amazing, clinically proven product that actually nourishes and strengthens your eyelashes to leave them longer, stronger, thicker and darker without the need for any harsh or harmful chemicals. Many celebrities are already loving the great benefits of this totally natural formula which works quickly and effectively while also caring for your own natural lashes, to give a beautiful and stunning new look to your eyes.

idol-lashThe Benefits Idol Lash:

1. Longer thicker eyelashes in just weeks
2. Nourishes lashes
3. Idol lash made by natural ingredients
4. No harsh chemicals & No side effects
5. Beautiful lashes only in few weeks
6. Order 3 months supply & get 1 month free

Idol Lash Packages

1 Month Supply of Idol Lash at $49.95
2 Months Supply of Idol Lash at $89.95
4 Months Supply of Idol Lash at $149.95
6 Months Supply of Idol Lash at $199.95


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What is Idol Lash?

Idol Lash is not a mascara which will simply make your lashes appear thicker and longer; it is in fact a lash growth enhancer which will actually increase the natural growth of your lashes so that they will truly become up to 25% longer and much thicker and more luxuriant. Once the product has really taken effect this may even mean that you can throw away your mascara, your lashes will be so wonderfully thick that you will have no need for it. There are many advantages to this – chief among them being that you will no longer need to worry about your mascara running when you swim or workout.

How Does Idol Lash Work?

There are three main elements to Idol Lash that enable it to work so effectively. First, the potent vitamins in the formula nourish and strengthen the lashes, promoting growth. Second the moisturizing agents within the formula condition the lashes, which makes them shiny, elastic and healthy. Thirdly the poly-peptides in the product create a strong foundation and help the eyelashes to thicken, simultaneously protecting them from any damage.


Idol Lash Usage:

Idol Lash need only be applied once a day. Application is easy: simply remove makeup and then apply all along the base of the lashes, in the same way as you would draw on liquid eyeliner. Only a very small amount is necessary to achieve great results but you should continue using the product daily for 28 days before you will be able to see the full effect of your new and beautiful lashes. This product may also be used on eyebrows for those whose eyebrows have become sparse and who would like to do away with the eyebrow pencil and have a more natural look.

The Idol Lash Ingredients:

1. Cocoyl: The proteins and vitamins in this cause the stunning thickening effect.
2. Keratin: Nourishes the lash and protects it from damage.
3. Honey extract: Rejuvenates and moisturizes lashes, leaving them durable and elastic
4. Camomile extract: Thickens and adds length.
5. Kelp extract: Contains rich minerals that contribute to lash growth.

Clinical Studies on Idol Lash:

15 subjects between the ages of 24-82 were used to test the efficacy of the product. They applied once a night for 2 weeks and in this short period of usage alone recorded an 82% increase in thickness and a 25% increase in length. These results were measure using advanced software and computer equipment. On top of this, Idol Lash has the approval of doctors, even for use on the most sensitive eyes. This is because it is the purest and most natural eyelash growth enhancer currently available.

Where to Buy Safely Idol Lash?

It is very important that you buy the genuine product that is Idol Lash. There are many copycat products that will not give you the same result. There are also people claiming to sell the product who are not reputable. To avoid these issues, get Idol Lash only on its official website, and you will also benefit from one free pack of Idol Lash when buying certain packages.