Iron Gym Review

Craving for a perfect body with toned muscles for both the upper and lower torso ? Do not have time to go out to a gym for workouts? Try the Iron Gym at home. It is a multi-function exercise bar that has been designed for four different exercises: chin-ups and pull-ups; push-ups; dips; and sit-ups. You can either mount it on the door or lie flat on the  ground. For door mounting, it does not require any special tools or permanent attachments; simply hung it on the door frame with an unobtrusive clip at the top. Do Make sure the doorway is 24 to 32 inches wide and exactly 5.5 to 6 inches thick in order for the Iron Gym to work effectively. Extra padding are provided to protect both the door and the user. It is remarkably sturdy, secure and convenient.

With the help of Iron Gym now anyone can realize his dream of adding mass building exercise to their home gym routine. The palm grip are wide and neutral, allowing you to try different variations. They also offer optional straps for killer abs workout.

iron-gym-resultsThe Iron Gym Workout

As mentioned above, the Iron Gym offer four different types of workouts in one single exercise bar. For the upper torso, pull ups have always been regarded as one of the best ways to gain muscles. It also add great strength to the biceps. With the Iron Gym bar you can now perform this exercise at home by simply hanging it on top of the door. Military trainers around the world use pull-ups exercise to turn their boys into men so that they carry more load and climb heavy terrain which gives a crucial gain in the battlefield.

You can choose from three different grip positions for the pull-ups. The had grips are of soft foam with little chances of slippage, though we recommend you not to try them with sweaty hands. Since the bar is held by the gravity, so you should not be trying unnecessary swinging or skipping.

With Iron Gym the range of motion for dips is virtually non existent. For dip platform we suggest using the edge of the chair. You can choose to keep your feet either on the ground or another chair.

Now with the Iron Gym, you can perform the push-ups. The foam grip let you enjoy the complete freedom of  hands and your wrists movement in a comfortable manner. Just put your hands against the floor and dip your chest below the your hands. You will definitely enjoy the push-ups more than you previously enjoyed.



Its superb product Ever , which has revolutionized the concept of home-gym. You can put it anywhere or hang it on the door. The product is easy to assemble and it takes only 3 minutes to assemble. You can place your order at their official website. You can order it for two payments of  $19.99 only. Along with it you can also get a free quick free ab strap. You can also order additional Iron Gym bar and a Ab Strap for $12.99 only. The cost covers all the packaging, handling and shipping chargers to your doorstep. So order The Iron Gym now and get the stronger and toned muscles as never experienced before.