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For most men, sex is the most important thing in the world, it’s related with their basic instinct they should be superior for every sexual activities. And they will do anything to make them to be able to enjoy sex whenever they want and also show their superiority in the sexual activities. But unfortunately, sometimes, there are some problems that disable men to be superior. No need to worry if you experience those problems, male extra will guarantee you that you will gain your superior sexual performance back, and enable you to enjoy your sexual life whenever you want. Made of special and natural ingredients, male extra is an effective and safe supplement for your important tool.

Male-ExtraThe Benefits Of Using Male Extra:

• Male extra made by safe & natural ingredients
• Increase 3 inches extra length of your penis.
• It has more active ingredients in a single pill, compared with other similar products.
• You will see rapid results within few weeks
• Since male extra also contains some aphrodisiac ingredients, you will think about sex more often than you ever experienced, that will also increase your libido.
• Male extra also gives more stamina, for you to make sex as long as you wish so that you can control your orgasm, no more premature ejaculation.
• They are all interconnected to guarantee you a great sexual performance.

What About The Price And What Can You Get?

1 Month Supply Of Male Extra at $59.95
2 Months Supply Of Male Extra at $127.95
4 Months Supply Of Male Extra at $198.95 & Get 1 Free
7 Months Supply Of Male Extra at $238.95 & Get 3 Free
12 Months Supply Of Male Extra at $458.95


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What is Male Extra?


Have you ever asked to yourself, how a male porn star has that amazing penis and also a great stamina? Male extra is the answer for your question. Male extra is a supplement for you who want greater sexual experience. It will increase your penis size, but not only make it bigger, male extra will also make it thicker and harder. You will experience the greatest erection ever. It made of natural ingredients that are believed able to increase your sexual performance, and years of experiments and researches give the scientific proofs of those amazing results. Precise dosage of each ingredient also guarantees its safety. So for incredible sexual performance, harder, bigger & longer penis, longer erection, greater libido and also ability to control your ejaculation, no need to hesitate, male extra is yours.

How does It Work?

The male extra is created for increasing the blood flow to the penis, and as we know the blood flow to the penis resulting erection. With male extra the blood flow is increased so that you will have a bigger, longer, and harder penis during erection. With that amazing erection, you will also be able to control your ejaculation, so say good bye to premature ejaculation. No more unsatisfied partners.

Beside the pill, we also have the clinically proven exercise for your penis, you can use both or just take te pill only depending on your needs.

The Dosage Male Extra:

You only need to take 3 pills a day, and you will gain the best sexual performance you’ve never imagined. No side effects but having the amazing experience with your partner.


Pomegranate 70% ellagic acid 500mg, male extra is the only male supplement that has this in the formula. It is clinically proven able to increase the male power of all ingredients.

Muira Pauma 150mg gives greater erections and also improves libido.

Methyl Sulfonyl Methane 100mg, lack of MSM resulting weak and deformed newer cells. More MSM will give a better blood circulation up to the penis.

Epimedium Sagittatum 50mg relaxes the muscles of your penis, and again smoothen the blood flow to your penis for faster erection.

Tongkat Ali 20: 1 extract 500mg known as Asian traditional Viagra that has been clinically proven.

Maca 25mg, to increase your semen production.

Other ingredients are Flaxseed 50mg, L-Methionine 25mg,Cordyceps 5m and Omega 3 Fatty Acid 25mg

Does Male Extra Safe?

Yes it does, male extra has been through years of researches to make sure that it does not only works well, but it also saves.

Where To Buy Male Extra?

If you are interested, you can order male extra directly from its official website, don’t forget, you will have 100% 6 months money back guarantee after buying. Make sure that you will buy directly from its Official Website.