No Need to be Ashamed of Your Nails with ZetaClear

ZetaClear is the answer for anyone who suffers from unsightly fungal infections on their fingernails or toe nails. This pure and natural formula is enriched with oils that penetrate the nail right into the nail bed and soothe away any infections or fungal infestations to leave only a smooth and healthy looking nail. The gel can also be used on nails that do not have any problems simply to improve their health and beauty.

zetaclearThe Benefits Of  ZetaClear:

1. Soothes away nail fungus
2. Fights nail infection
3. It helps to keep your nail healthy
4. It give strengthens to nails
5. 60 days money back guarantee
6. Order now & vanish nail fungus

Choose Your ZetaClear Package:

ZetaClear 1 Month Supply At $49.95
ZetaClear 3 Months Supply At $99.95 & Save $50
ZetaClear 6 Months Supply At $149.95 & Save $150

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What is ZetaClear?

ZetaClear is specially formulated to treat onychomycosis, or the fungus that can infest nails. This affliction is most commonly found on toenails since it relishes a warm, humid place and toes are very often enclosed within a shoe and therefore prone to becoming sweaty. ZetaClear treats this problem and eliminates it, but can also help your body to work against the factors that may cause the infection in the first place, therefore reducing the likelihood of the problem re-occurring.

How Does ZetaClear Work?

zetaclear-before-afterThe range of active ingredients in ZetaClear work together to clear infections and inflammation from your nails, leaving them clear and healthy and beautiful. This gel can even help to combat problems such as excess sweating, weak nails, slow nail growth, discoloration and any other issues that prevent you from feeling 100% confident about the look and feel of your nails.

ZetaClear Daily Usage:

The product should be applied to the infected nail three times a day, using the application brush that comes in the package. Good results will take about 4 weeks with continued use but the healing process can be sped up by applying a bandage to the affected area occasionally to keep the gel in constant contact with the nail. The product should always be re-applied after bathing, and the nails should be kept as clean and debris-free as possible.

ZetaClear Ingredients:

1. Antimonium Curdum: Used to treat overly-sensitive nail beds and to enhance the growth of slow-growing nails.

2. Arsenicum Album: This treats the unsightly discoloration of nails.

3. Mancinella: An extract from the Caribbean Manchineel tree, this also treats nail discoloration and is also effective against problems with the soles of the feet.

4. Nitricum Acidum: This treats white spots on nails, helps in the fight against excess sweating and also soothes away painful problems on the feet, such as chilblains.

5. Sulphur: With anti-septic and anti-itch properties, this helps combat inflammation.

6. Thuja Occidentalis: strengthens nails.

Zetaclear-ReviewsClinical Studies on ZetaClear:

In a 2009 study, subjects were divided into three groups: one group was given ZetaClear, one was given a competitor and one was given a placebo. As expected, the placebo group recorded no improvements, while the group using the competitor’s product recorded inconsistent or ambiguous results. The most consistent improvements were recorded by the group using ZetaClear. This study also managed to rule out any chances of the product being toxic and eliminated any concerns that any kind of skin burning would be caused by prolonged use. This product is now considered entirely safe for anyone who doesn’t have a specific allergic reaction to any individual ingredient.

Where to Buy ZetaClear?

ZetaClear should only be purchased from its official website. This is the best way to ensure that the product you receive is the great quality, clinically proven product that you want. There is also a money back guarantee when you purchase ZetaClear direct from its official site, and you can buy a special pack that not only includes the ZetaClear topical solution but also the homeopathic spray that actually helps your body to fight infection from the inside. Order now & get rid by nail fungus.